Our thoughts about Executive Coaching

Why Executive coaching?

C-level and Senior Executives are in charge and face big challenges in their organization that require very specific skills, qualities and behaviors in order to be successful.  At Turning points, we support the idea that Executive coaching works at best when:

  • The kind of coaching is clearly defined. (Emerging leader, Leader in development, Strategic leader.)
  • The person is willing to go through it and grow.
  • The organization has a clear objective to support the coached and is willing to establish a three ways contract with clear objectives and measurement criteria.(two ways for a strategic leader)
  • The confidentiality between the coach and the coached is fully respected.

 Our approach
We believe that Leaders need to regularly take some distance from their day to day and reflect about what they do.  They have a stressful life and it is sometimes really a challenge for them to balance their personal and professional life. They are intensively watched by their followers and they need to walk the talk to maintain their credibility to keep their people on board and achieve their goals.  It is one of the reasons why we have created our Executive Leadership Retreat. We think that having someone who plays the sounding board, challenges positively and genuinely is critical for success and growth. We offer our customers a way to develop their congruence (being fully responsible for who they are and their actions), their listening and empathic skills and to develop the ability to transform their threats and challenges into opportunities.

Our value proposition is the following:

“People are sovereign individuals and can choose to manage their own change”

At Turning points LLC, we support the ideology that there are three qualities that make a Leader effective: Courage, Humility and the Ability/Willingness to give and serve.

Executive Coaching Services we offer to our customers.

  • The courage to say no to a client when we estimate the conditions of a successful coaching  are not there, whether the person is not willing to enter a coaching journey or the company does not have clear objectives or has what we call an “hidden agenda”.
  • The courage not to give up ourselves as a coach when we experience some conflicts with our own values.
  • The courage to deliver honest and transparent feedback and play the sounding board all along the process, even if it is sometimes challenging.


  • The humility to admit as a coach that we don’t know better than the coached. Most of the time, our customers have all the answers within themselves, and our mission as a coach is to help them, through our questions, insights, and the way we challenge them, to find their own responses.

One of our customers said the following; “My coach used an approach with me that made me think deep down and then come up with an answer. She did not lecture. She helped me come up with the right approach. Painful but very, very effective!!” International Head of Sales, Global Phone Company
Ability and Willingness to give and serve.

  • Being an Executive Coach implies a full commitment to serve the coached and the organization which hired us for the mission. It does also imply a very positive attitude, generosity and the willingness to give your best to the person you are working with.
  • Compassion and unconditional positive regard demonstrated by the coach.
  • We have a lot of dedication, flexibility and adaptability and at the same time sticking to the rules and work frame we have prior defined with the client, and to be very clear about the boundaries of the relationship we are building.
  • In order to ensure there is a good fit between the Coach and the Coached, we always offer to our customers a choice of coaches to guaranty a good alchemy in the relationship and therefore high level results that serves as well the person and their organization.
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