Why our passions make us stronger? by Edith Samouillet

Native Americans say: “Each vision starts with a dream”. They also give a huge importance to dreams as they think they convey to us some important messages about ourselves and especially elements that are our essence.

I remember, a long time ago, I was walking with my friend Barbara, on the Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego. It is one of the most beautiful and inspirational place I know. It is  where I confirmed my promise to one day move back to the United States and fulfil my dream. I think it was in the summer 2002.

I did it! Even when others doubted I would. I landed in Denver, on December 27 2007 with two hours delay, due to a severe snow storm. The car dealer was waiting for me with my brand new Liberty Jeep! The trunk was filled with the basic necessary items for a first night in my new life.

Many people told me that I was quite brave, to move on my own at the age of 51, in a brand new place at the other side of the world. I don’t think that courage has any thing to do with it. My fuel was the big passion I had in my heart to one day build my own company and make a slight difference in the world. The vision of Turning points Journey, the Leadership Development company I have created is “The Empowerment of Giving and Receiving”.  Giving; to me is a tremendous source of Joy.  Joy to see people grow, joy to see Navajo people finding dignity in the employment opportunities we create for them, joy of receiving  great gifts from amazing people who have crossed my path and still do.

An other great source of joy for me is when I see through my camera lens, the beauty and light in people, from new born babies to elderly people.  My other dream is to become a worldwide portrait photographer and deliver to as many people as possible this message: “Look at how beautiful you are and see the unique gifts you carry within yourself.”

Our dreams are often the revelation of our passions. Our passions are our strength when we listen to them and fulfil our dreams.

Sometimes, when I experience some discouragement, doubt or a lack of energy, I just look back at what I have accomplished and tell myself: “If you have been able to do this, you can do it again or even more!” It is the strength that comes from fulfilling your dreams!

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