My Reward is Their Reward

By Edith Samouillet, President of Turning points LLC

As we approach the end of this year I feel it is time to share my thoughts and feelings about what I have accomplished so far.

Day after day I have fine tuned my vision. I have always thought that there is a tremendous power in giving and receiving, and so I have set this as the vision statement of my company.

Since I have created Turning points LLC, I have supported a significant number of corporate and business people in their personal and professional growth; teams and individuals. It is also true that I have made a living doing this and I feel so blessed that I can do something that I really believe in and tremendously enjoy.

Most of the time, it requires real courage for people to get involved in coaching sessions or in groups where they expose themselves with their strengths and weaknesses showing. They also probably intuitively know that taking some risks and moving outside of their comfort zone will drive them to a place where their lives will be significantly improved and even more enjoyable. It also has a significant impact on the quality of their relationships at work and in their personal life. They learn skills that drive them to more congruence and freedom. They also learn that the only power they have is over themselves, rather than over circumstances or other people. They stop trying to use their energy to try to change others and refocus their energy on their own personal power.

Working with all these people drove me to revisit my vision and to think about what really makes me happy, and I ended up with the following statement:  “What makes a huge difference in my life is the deep joy generated by people’s growth.” I believe that it is truly my calling to support these people in their journey and I want to do more.

So my plan in 2013 will be to create more opportunities for people to experience this process through my Vision and Leadership Sessions, Leadership retreats, and Executive coaching.

My greatest reward is to watch people, in their business lives and their personal lives, getting what they want and becoming more responsible over their own life and happiness.

Lakewood, Co USA December 3rd 2012 

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