About Edith

Edith Samouillet, President and Founder of Turning points

French-born Edith Samouillet is an International trailblazer in the field of leadership development and executive coaching principles.

Her education accomplishments, skills and 20-years of experience in corporate management, as well as leadership, have enabled her to proviide assistance to diverse worldwide companies, both large and small.

Samouillet believes the crucial element of leadership lies embedded in the relationship between leaders and those they lead. Leaders must be proficient in forming, developing and maintening relationships with those who work with or for them. They must be competent  themselves and develop a similar competency in those who follow.

“People are sovereign individuals and can choose to manage their own change” said Edith Samouillet.

Edith Samouillet has trained and supported leaders and individuals in the growth and expansion of their influences in strategic situations, as well as in the development of organizational and individual responsibility, and empowerment. In addition, she had led several coaching engagements in cross-cultural contexts, working equally in English or French.

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