Leaders and Personal Growth

by Edith Samouillet, President and Founder of Turning points LLC

A few weeks ago, I was in Europe, delivering a seminar for a Direction Committee of
a fast growing Global Organization.
As an inspiration trigger, I started the day with some Native American Quotes
distributed randomly to the participants up front.
The President drew the following: “Any great vision starts with a dream”. I
asked participants to read their quotes and comment on them. The President said
about his one: “Dream…..Do I still have dreams! Where do I stand today, leading
this company?”

I created Turning points, Blazing a trail for prosperity in response to what I have
seen all along my career, as a consultant and General Manager working for and with
global, mid size and small Corporation.
The most successful company were led by strong Leaders, knowing clearly where
they wanted to go , showing great respect for their people and listening to them,
being able to dedicate some time to their personal growth and being able to turn
their criticisms into opportunities instead of blaming others. It never prevented them
to smoke big Cuban cigars, enjoy a glass of a 20 years aged Whiskey or spending a
day on their favorite Golf Resort!
According to an Article Written by Alison Aprhys and Paul Quinn, Quinntessential
Marketing Consulting Pty Ltd the top two of ten reasons why people quit their
company are:
Under-staffing – are your employees expected to carry an unrealistic workload that
sees them working long hours day after day without respite or promise of a better
Poor Communication – are management communicating with staff in an open,
transparent and timely manner?
“Often people don’t quit their jobs – they quit their bosses!” 

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