The magic of the Olympics

The Magic of the Olympics
By Edith Samouillet, President and Founder of Turning Points, LLC

This year I  watched the summer Olympics with an increased interest,  and I wondered why it had suddenly drawn my attention.

I place great value in effort, consistency and resilience. Immediately these athletes showed an amazing courage, determination and enthusiasm. But I also saw something else: fraternity. I was quite moved as I watched these people from all over the world greeting each other no matter if they had won or lost. It is what I call the Spirit of the Olympics, that I feel in my heart and is the reason that I really got it in these London Olympics.

Did you see the American athlete who kept running for his team even with a broken leg? Or the Chinese athlete who was supported and encouraged by the winner of the hurdle race, because he gave it his best even with a serious injury?

These Olympics were very emotional. I was touched by all the parents watching the success of their children after all the years of support, dedication and love. I also saw in many occasions, the power of team work and how it can drive people toward amazing results.

I also noticed one more thing: humility. I was truly amazed by the humility of many of the winners and how they accepted not being first in every situation.

All these young people, no matter where they come from, have given the world a wonderful demonstration of leadership; made up of courage, humility and the willingness to give their best.

These Olympics reminded me that it is possible to build a better world, made of peace and fraternity. We just need to be willing to do so as human beings.

I enjoyed these Olympics as I never have before.
Denver, August 15. 2012

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