Mexico, or the tremendous healing power of Love

Few days ago, I was in Ciudad Juarez, a land of war and terror where raising children and going to work every day requires an incredible amount of courage.

My fiancé’s mother, Francesca, was in the General Hospital after a stroke and
we both wanted to visit her and take care of her.
What I have seen in this place was pure Love and I felt it is my responsibility to
testify about it.
This hospital is a very basic place with very limited resources to give the
minimum care to patients. When you want to visit someone, you really need to
be willing to! First of all, only one person at a time is allowed to visit. Second of
all, you need a pass to be able to go to this person and you can get it only at a
certain time of the day. You have to provide almost everything to the person
like mineral water, wipes, blankets and towels, soap and other supplies that
can help the person to be more comfortable.
What I have seen was amazing.
I saw sons and daughter staying nights and days taking care of their parents.
When I say taking care, it means washing them even intimately, moving them, giving them massages, talking to them with love, care and energy, entertaining them to bring some hope and joy in their hearts.
I have seen people giving each other signs of affection and love, being
attentive to any expressed needs, totally dedicated to serve.
I have seen sons and daughters, husbands and wives sleeping on the floor to stay overnight with their beloved ones.
I have seen patients in the room taking care of other patients and making sure
that every need is fulfilled.
I have seen nurses and health care staff giving unlimited time and care to their
I have seen human beings sharing their Faith and keeping praying for each
I have seen the miracle of people moving from a depressed and weak state to
a joyful and improved condition after receiving so much Love and care.
These people have very little and have everything. They have the three
qualities that make great people:

  • The courage to walk the talk of Love.
  • The humility to serve whatever it requires and to rely on each other.
  • The tremendous ability to give.

Even in the dark, the light of Love can exist and carry a unlimited power to heal
and create hope. These people exactly know what richness means, the one of the kingdom of Love.

When we left the hospital, Francesca did not need oxygen anymore, she was
smiling and even laughing and she is now back to her daughter’s home.
Let us dedicate our lives to the tremendous healing power of Love.

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